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Contents Management and Storage


RestPro Contents Management services include photographing, detailed itemizing, moving, cleaning, and then safely storing your personal property and valuables affected by water, fire and mold. Our  40,000 square foot facility, located in St. Paul, includes a climate controlled warehouse with customized vaults designed for efficient contents storage and retrieval. Your personal property is secure and ready for you when your project is complete.

Comprehensive Contents Management Services

  • Complete pack-out and inventory of your personal possessions

  • Contents documentation for insurance records

  • Full service cleaning of personal property

  • Ultrasonic cleaning for delicate and valuable items

  • Document drying/freeze-drying

  • Repacking of cleaned and inventoried items

  • Secured, climate-controlled storage

Tips for Protecting Your Property

It's easy to forget how hard to replace some things are until disaster strikes and you are stuck trying to race the clock to save your possessions. Follow these tips to make life easier in the event of a water or fire loss in your home.

Keep an Inventory

Proving what you owned to your insurance company after the fact can be a massive headache. Get ahead of any potential problems and keep an inventory of your valuable possessions with pictures, descriptions, and costs. There are many smartphone apps available to make this process fairly simple and quick.

Store Items off the Floor

One of the most common reasons why items are destroyed in flooded homes is because they were stored on the floor. Simply keeping items in your basement stored up and out of the way of potential flooding can protect your items and save the trouble of having them cleaned.

Protect Your Home from Losses

This is an obvious tip, but if you want more information on how to avoid fires in your home, check out our Fire Restoration Services page for some helpful tips on protecting your home from fires.

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